Emilio Guim

Emilio Guim (*1981)

I remember during the 80s having my finger ready over the REC button on a cassette tape recorder while waiting for a radio program to play a song I called to request. I remember also being often in corner stores browsing through music magazines and looking for printed guitar lessons to see which one I would buy. As a teenager I played in bars until late hours for earning some money, even though I wasn’t old enough to buy drinks. As an adult I filled in the gaps of my formation by studying at different music schools.

This section is usually filled with background details about education, names of teachers, awards and festivals. However I strongly feel I owe my artistic growth with equal or higher gratitude to other circumstantial situations and to a self-driven learning process. Hence it would be unfair from me to credit it differently. My art is more often informed and driven by that kid sitting by the radio, that teenager practicing in a garage with his friends, and that adult watching and learning from his colleagues achievements.