David Chisholm

cloches robotisées, contrebasse, flûte Paetzold, guitare électrique, violon


Anne Gillot
Jocelyne Rudasigwa
Mauricio Carrasco
Rada Hadjikostova

Commande de l'Australian Council

Rung (2014/15)
for Electric Guitar, Bass Peatzold, Violin, Double Bass and foot-operated robotic bells.

Rung is a diptych requiem work, in memory of Kian Rezwan an extraordinary matriarch who died suddenly 2014.
Bells and Electric Guitar dominate the trash lyrical brutalism of the first half, counterweight by the second, pointillistic movement.
An alarm and its resonance, as death follows life.

Bamboo-punk robot bell ringer designed and built by Benjamin Kolaitis

Rung was commissioned by Australia Council for the Arts and was premiered by Ensemble Vortex at the 2014 Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music in Australia.

Société de Musique Contemporaine de Lausanne _ Lundi prochain!
Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music
...edges, corners and again / Concert 10ème Anniversaire V