Helga Arias

alto, clarinette basse, contrebasse, électronique, flûte à bec, guitare électrique, percussion, vidéo, violoncelle

durée: 10''


This piece is based on the linguistic theories of Ferdinand de Saussure, father of structuralism, in which he explains how the sign is articulated by the signified and the signifier.

Whereas the signified is an idea or concept, the signifier is a means of expressing the signified, thus, it can be the sound of a word by combining different phonemes.
During the piece, the performers play an interactive game, in which a series of words (signifiers) are represented as messages following a color code matching the performer and projected on a big screen. Every time that a performer gets a message, they will reproduce it with their instrument, in terms of what it means for them acoustically (thus the signified).
As long as the piece moves forward, the messages will become more complex and so will the interactions within the ensemble.

The aim of this work is to construct and show the understanding of words, sounds and their meaning from different perspectives.

Composers' Next Generation 2019