Zlatko Baracksai

Dr Zlatko Baracskai is a lecturer in the School of Digial Media Technology, coordinating modules based around digital audio. Further, he is a visiting lecturer at the University of Pecs and the Music Academy of Sarajevo where he teaches audio programming and algorithmic composition respectively. He is closely acquainted with digital music processing and production. His various artistic endeavors include both jazz/funk and contemporary music where he applies his technical expertise. His undergradute studies took place at the Institute of Sonology in Den Haag, the Netherlands, where he studied many technical and aesthetic aspects of sound and music. He has recently completed a PhD in contemporary composition at the University of Birmingham. He is active in development and research around Digital Audio Effects. Postgraduate supervision leads him down the paths of psychoacoustics, audio analysis and vocal processing. He has lectured and held presentations across Europe to settle in Birmingham where he has excellent teaching and research circumstances having time to make music and perform.