Marianne Schuppe

Marianne Schuppe was born in Göttingen, Germany and has lived in Switzerland since 1983.
She studied visual arts and music at the university of Hildesheim and further studied singing at the Kalakshetra Academie in Madras and with Jolanda Rodio (Switzerland) and Michiko Hirayama (Rome). 
As a singer, improviser, writer and teacher she focuses on the voice and the flexibility between words and music. 
The main focus of her activity as an interpreter are the works of Giacinto Scelsi and Morton Feldman. 
She performs solo works and toegether with Sylwia Zytynska, vibraphone and Alfred Zimmerlin, violoncello has formed the selbdritt ensemble. 
In addition she has been involved in radioplays, life-performance, music-theatre and worked in collaboration with Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Phönix Basel a.o. 
Her voice and performance style have inspired several composeres who have written solo pieces for her incoporating inprovisation and conceptual work. 
Recently she has also received commissions for compositions. 
For many years she has regarded teaching voice as a crucial part of her musical work. She teaches at her own institute voice and language in Basel.
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