Mariano Capona

Dancer, Singer, Choreographer, Musician! Mariano Capona is set to take the world on a musical dance journey like never before!

Member of the « True School Network », « D.Master Streetdance School’s Corporation » and « Streetdance’s Chile Corporation », Mariano Capona is known all over the world as leader of Streetdance

Born in Chile, but raised in Lausanne Switzerland, Mariano’s first exposure to Streetdance, was the underground hit 1984 dance movie,“ Breakin’.”

For Mariano it was a revelation. He was instantly mesmerized by the dancer’s amazing moves, “Popping, Locking, Breaking!”. Inspired by the movie, Mariano watched it hundreds of times, until he’d learned every dance sequence. His hunger for this new art form awakened, Mariano immersed himself in the culture, learning to D.J at a local youth center, while challenging himself to grow as a dancer.

Mariano returned to Chile in 1996 at the age of 15, to continue his academic studies, yet he never gave up on his first love of music & dance. While in Chile, Mariano was chosen from a national casting call, for the popular television program, "Venga Conmigo”. It was there he began to showcase and build upon his natural talents as a singer, dancer and performer. He soon became a standout for his dancing skills and ability to learn various dance styles quickly.

Over the next few years, Mariano performed in hundreds of television specials, commercial work and award shows. His credits included presentations for coorperate company's like: Hyundai, Omo, Avon, Sebastien, Speed Stick, Entel Joven and Pepsi Cola among others.

In the year 2000, Mariano founded his professional dance group, D. Master Company. His company focuses on training dancers of all levels to enter Professional dance realm. Many of thèse dancers go on to be featured in awards shows, television programs, as background dancers for music artists and various other functions.

Upon returning to Switzerland in 2002, Mariano decided to rebuild his professional company with local talent. He acquired a studio in Lausanne, Switzerland, and opened the D. Master Streetdance School. Mariano adopted the motto, “Le rêve d'une personne est un rêve, le rêve de plusieurs est en réalité”. This motto, “The dream of one person is but a dream, the dreams of many become a reality”, became the driving force behind his academy.

Mariano focused on the rigorous training of his company in all aspects and styles of Streetdance. He recruited legendary and respected dancers Shabba Doo, Suga Pop, Popin’ Pete, Mr.Wiggles, Link, Brian Green, Ken Swift, Jr.Boogaloo, Violeta Galagarza, Budha Stretch and many others, to come and teach the true meaning of Streetdance. These dancers who’d inspired Mariano so much as a child and a teen, were now inspiring a new generation of dancers.

Mariano has continuously worked organizing in videos, produce Bollywood movies and directing Streetdance exhibitions, as well as competitions and instructional tours, throughout Switzerland and South America. Through the D. Master Streetdance School, the D. Master Company, his numerous travels and international dance festivals, Mariano has been able to reach thousands of young dancers. Mariano’s dedication to the youth culture has earned him various prestigious recognitions including,

• Medal of Honor and Merit. Declared “Illustrious Visitor” of Los Olivos, Lima, Peru. In recognition for his work with the Peruvian cultural community.
• “The Prestigious Cultural Migros Award” for his Dedication to the Development of Culture in Switzerland
• "Honorable Distinguished Visitor- Outstanding Contribution as a Cultural Ambassador in Urban Dance . City of San Martin de Mendoza, Argentina
• Declared Streetdance Cultural Ambassador in South America and Europe by the Swiss and Chilean Embassies.

Mariano has continued to be a highly sought after choreographer, dancer and director. He has worked for such great artists as Anita Tijoux, Solo Dos, Simoney, Rachel, Philip Morax, Angel Mena and many more. Mariano most recently delved into the world of Bollywood as a featured dancer in the film “Settai”, “Bul bul”, “Topiwala”.

Throughout this time, Mariano has continued to work on his music and singing. With an ear for dance hits, great melodies and a myriad of influences, Mariano brings the same soul and passion he brings to his dancing, to his songs. “Music has been my whole life, whether it be dancing or singing. I grew up with Latin music because my family, Hip-hop music was what made me dance while Classic Soul music, R & B and Jazz took me away on a spiritual journey”.

Mariano Capona is sensation, music, love, feeling, passion and integrity. Whether it be donating his time and talents to aid the children of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010, or giving his time to help build orphanages in the Philippines and Peru, Mariano understands the power of music and dance as a unifying healing force, “It is through music and dance we can move people’s hearts, souls and spirits and help make the world a better place.”
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