Anima Mundi

David Carrillo

électronique, flûte Paetzold, guitare électrique, violon, violoncelle

durée: 15:00


Anne Gillot
Aurélien Ferrette
Rada Hadjikostova
Maximilien Dazas

Interwovenness of the none and the I am. I’m am fragmented. I am too fragmented to decide, I want to be everything at once. if I say ‘I’ it is because I do not dare to say ‘you’, or ‘we’ or ‘a person’. I am in duty bound to personalise myself by minimising myself, but I am the ‘you-are’. 

„I can scarcely believe that I have limits, that I am outlined and defined. I feel myself to be dispersed in the atmosphere, thinking inside other creatures, living inside things beyond myself. I find myself with the same deliverance from purpose and conscience as something that is barely alive. I am also surprised to find as I gaze into the pale mirror with open eyes that there is so much in me beyond what is known, so much that remains ever silent“. Clarice Lispector

Composers' Next Generation 2023