Behind the Scenes

Alexander Schubert

ensemble, vidéo

durée: 8'


Arturo Corrales
Mauricio Carrasco
Maximilien Dazas

In the concert venue, the ensemble or instrumentalist performing this piece finds a person working in the building. The worker will be the protagonist for this piece.
This can be cleaning personnel or a caretaker for example. It should not be a staff member involved in the artistic tasks and development in this concert or any other artistic aspect of the house. The idea is to provide a window for one person (or several) that work behind the scenes. To give them the possibility to show what they find interesting, and also to split some of the income of the concert with the working people in the shadows.
This piece is a section of questions, which can be answered by the person. It is not conditional to answer all of them, but at least a few should be answered.
This can be done live, or with live video, or with recorded video produced beforehand on location.
The sections will be accompanied in concert by the musicians.
The duration of the piece is variable (and can be as short as 1 minute and as long as 15 minutes).
The participating person should receive at least as much of a payment as the musicians in the concert. This is not negotiable.
The commission fee will also serve as a fee for the personnel and will be spread over the first few performances. The composer intends not to make money of this piece.

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