Campo AmniĆ³tico

Fernando Garnero

2 instrumentistes et dispositif feed-back

durée: 15:00


Mauricio Carrasco
Rada Hadjikostova

”What we call music is a device :
which invests the libido mainly on the sound region: switch of libidinal energy into audible energy, and the reverse...
...which will connect on this partial body of the musical prostheses, instruments... ...a device is: a superposition of screens which filter energetic flows, here sound. These screens are not things, they are libidinal investments that block the entry or the exit of certain sounds-noises..."
Jean François Lyotard, "Several silences", 1972

amniotic field
extended bodies
energetic flows
mutant prosthesis
filtering screens
grid of silences

What is the memory of touch disconnected from listening?

Hybrid Flux _ Inter Feral Arts Festival