Five Strings Sculpture

Svetlana Maraš

for acoustic ensemble, loudspeakers and electronic sound

durée: 15:00


Anne Gillot
Arturo Corrales
Aurélien Ferrette
Benoît Morel
Rada Hadjikostova
Romane Bouffioux Bouffioux

Five String Sculpture
is a composition/sound sculpture exploring the disposition of two different acoustic formations - one long, straight and slightly angled and another smaller one in a convex shape. Each structure is built from the combination of electronic and acoustic sound that spreads between loudspeaker at one end, and acoustic sound of the instrument at another end. To explore the idea of an electro-acoustic piece in which sound can propagate into various directions and can be localised in a couple of fixed configurations, I have defined 5 “strings” of sound each between one instrument and one loudspeaker, and I have used this to delineate the acoustic space of the work. “String" is therefore the main structural unit of the piece and their activation and musical treatment, shape the overall form of the work.

Over Closed Eyelids