Parle-Parle pas II

Elvira Garifzyanova

clarinette contrebasse, contrebasse, électronique, guitare électrique, percussion, violon, violoncelle

durée: 8:30


Anne Gillot
Aurélien Ferrette
Daniel Zea
Florian Feyer
Jocelyne Rudasigwa
Rada Hadjikostova

In this piece my goal was to find a specific musical material I wanted to work with and create its transformation in the time. It is about quality of the sound, its inner energy, depth inside of them and how it is realized.
The flowing time is also very important component I am playing in this piece with. For instance, there are some time changes, especially in the middle of the piece, where the whole activity is suddenly decelerated and it gives an impression of a broken machine. Such play with time create different time landscapes, where the tension becomes another quality.
The role of the live electronics in this piece is not to transform the original instrumental sounds but to play with spatialisation (movement) of these sounds at live time. It is more about the movement dramaturgy of the sounds. Nevertheless, there are some very lightly transformations of some specific details of some sounds, which were taken and worked out through the electronics. Another representation of the live electronics was to force the compositional process in the time.
The title has an opposite meaning of activity and tension, real and unreal, energy of speaking and energy of silence etc.
Elvira Garifzyanova.

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