Festival Akouphène _ "Resonance comes Between Notes and Noise" Carte Blanche à Nicolas Collins I

25/11/2022 21:00, Cave 12, Genève

Vortex Ensemble & Nicolas Collins

Vortex presents three slices of Nicolas Collins, including two world premieres developed in his residency with the ensemble in November 2022.  These open-form pieces combine a perplexing array of resources, from audio feedback and simple circuits, to custom software and instrumental technique.  All depend on the delicate interaction of players, sound and objects.   

Friday evening opens with “Long Fetch”, in which computer-controlled feedback creates rhythmic and melodic patterns out of room resonance that respond to the players’ sounds.  “Catch and Release” features Collins’ !trumpet, a hybrid instrument combining hardware and software in a brass package to create an instrument optimized for noisy improvisation; snapshots of the resulting electronic textures are transcribed into conventional notation for the ensemble to play acoustically, in contrasting accompaniment. On Saturday Collins returns to feedback, here in the mysterious and unstable domain of electromagnetic fields, to perform the Swiss premiere “Roll, Pitch and Yaw”, which evokes the raw sounds of early electronic music.

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