Pea soup

Nicolas Collins

électronique, flûte à bec

durée: 20:00


Anne Gillot
Daniel Zea

(Version updated in 2014)

For self-stabilizing feedback network with performed sound and movement.

In Pea Soup a self-stabilizing network of analog circuitry (originally three Countryman Phase Shifters) nudges the pitch of audio feedback to a different resonant frequency every time the feedback starts to build. The familiar shriek is replaced with unstable patterns of hollow tones, a site-specific raga reflecting the acoustical personality of the room. These architectural melodies can be influenced by moving in the space, making other sounds, or even by letting in a draft of cold air. The piece exists both as an installation, responding to visitors, and in a concert version, in which people performed activities intended to influence the feedback.

...edges, corners and again / Concert 10ème Anniversaire V
Short Cuts 2 _ Composition Algorithmique et musique électroacoustique: de 1950 à nos jours.
Compound #2