piano, piano, piano, piano

Fernando Garnero

bande magnétique

durée: 6:00


The works presented here are the first works of two cycles started between the end of 2020 and 2021. Two series that started a bit by chance, and that imposed themselves as necessary by opening unexpected paths, while offering a ground of experimentation to develop issues that were resistant in the usual organizational framework of my composition work.
All the works presented here are the direct product of the COVID-19 pandemic, and extend in a particular way my research on the aura of cultural objects cut off from their original context. During my recent residency at Villa Medici, we created an online multimedia magazine to replace the cultural programming that was not going to take place. The ECCO magazine became a platform for experimentation: its nature facilitated the emergence of unusual ways of making art.
Piano, piano, piano, piano is the first work of a series that is created from two simple premises: the use of recovered samples and micro editing as the only possible operations in the creative process. I use only vintage video game samples (including Mario bros) to create the multi-scale objects that make up the work.

Festival Sound Plasma 2023
Hybrid Flux _ Inter Feral Arts Festival