Hybrid Flux _ Inter Feral Arts Festival

20/10/2021 19:00, Inter Arts Center, Malmö

For their first Swedish concert, Vortex propose a concert articulated around recent works from one of its founders, the Argentine, French-based composer
Fernando Garnero, for diverse media : electronics, video & a particular piece entirely done with instrumental feed-back.
From the rigorous writing of Michael Edgerton, derived from his approach to various scales and dimensions of instrumental gesture, in his piece for violin Mamre; to multimedia pieces that stage the body as a multifaceted instrument, such as Nystagmus by Natacha Diels and Swallow by Daniel Zea; to the ironic Folk you! by Arturo Corrales, which creates an iridescent and volatile sound world from a recovered folk melody, the idiosyncrasy of the ensemble is embodied in a heterogeneous and highly demanding program that faithfully reflects its particular path.

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