Daniel Zea

four performers, four computers + webcams running face tracking algorithms, text generator, video and electronics

durée: 18:00


Anne Gillot
Aurélien Ferrette
Mauricio Carrasco
HannaH Walter

Like, share, click, buzz, pay (it’s free?), relax, open your mouth and swallow!
Four persons in front of their computers. Each movement and facial gesture is tracked, recognized and converted into control signals. Blinking eyes, a moving gaze or a grimace generate music, images and text.
Faces express no emotions anymore. They serve trends. They feed algorithms. Could today’s society be defined by hashtags?
This piece stages the fragility of a contemporary society fascinated by technology, a recurrent idea in my late hybrid performance pieces such as The Fuck Facebook Face Orchestra, The Love Letters?, and Kinecticut.

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