Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music

05/9/2014 19:00, Bendigo Art Gallery (19:00) Bendigo Bank Theatre (22:30), Australia

Colombian composer Daniel Zea’s mesmerising piece is part-choreography, part-living sound sculpture. Scored for four laptops and four musicians, Kinecticut is an indelible musical exploration of humanity in the technological age. It is proudly hosted by Bendigo Art Gallery as the perfect complement to The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece exhibition.

Please note that Kinecticut contains nudity.

Formed in Switzerland in 2005 from a core membership of Conservatoire de Genève alumni, Ensemble Vortex are recognised for their work with live electronics, their energetic commitment to the promotion of unknown composers and an annual concert series dominated by world premiere performances. Vortex’s remarkable virtuosity and innovation make them perfect guests for BIFEM 2014.

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