Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

27/11/2016 17:00, Phipps Hall, Creative Arts Building, Huddersfield

Formed in Switzerland in 2005 from a core membership of Conservatoire de Genève alumni (composers and interpreters), Ensemble Vortex are recognised for their work with live electronics, their energetic commitment to the promotion of unknown composers and an annual concert series dominated by world premiere performances. More than a hundred new works have been commissioned and premiered by the ensemble during the past eleven years. This engagement with new music makes them one of the most influent actors in the Swiss contemporary music scene.

Rada Hadjikostova, violin, performance
Patrick Schleuter, violin, alto, performance
Anne Gillot, bass clarinet, recorders, performance
Aurélien Ferrete, cello
Jocelyne Rudasigwa, double-bass, performance
Mauricio Carrasco, electric guitar
Arturo Corrales, electronics
Daniel Zea, electronics, video
Krisztina Kraznai, administration

Partenaires & Soutiens